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Dotage definition is - a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness. How to use dotage in a sentence.

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Dotage definition, a decline of mental faculties, especially as associated with old age; senility. See more.

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Definition of dotage - the period of life in which a person is old and weak.

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The first syllable in dotage rhymes with go: DOE-tage. The verb dote means to be silly and also to be infatuated, both of which can at times describe those in.

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Define dotage (noun) and get synonyms. What is dotage (noun)? dotage (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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America is an empire. I hope you know that now. All empires, by definition, are bumbling, shambolic, bullying, bureaucratic affairs, as certain of the rightness of.

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angelabenton.me - Meaning of dotage and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory.

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DOTAGE. This is not a very beautiful word but it is interesting. It first came into existence among the early English, Dutch, German, and Scandinavian peoples.

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See the most useful Dotage meaning in Urdu along with English definition. or influence. Decisions of great consequence are made by the president himself .

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